I'm a 20 year old girl that has a passion for health, fitness, creating, and living life to its fullest potential. Goal: To become the best person I can be.
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Dinner 2/26/12

- Veggie Burger on a whole wheat bun
- Corn
- Peas

And now some tea :) 

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18th Birthday Party :)

My 18th birthday last night was so great. We took a limo to a really nice resturant and the food was so good! Everyone had such an amazing time which was my goal for the night. I also got the perfect top from my best friend to do yoga in! :)

I decided to give up sweets for lent. I’m excited about this. The only sweet food I’m allowing myself to eat is fruit. Also my friend gave up processed food for lent. I’m excited to start looking for healthy recipes with her and go grocery shopping at Trader Joes! :) She slept over last night and brought a picnic basket filled with fruit and things to make healthy oatmeal with!

I have been kinda sad the last week and things are finally brightening up. Yay :) How are you?

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50 Day Challenge Day 2: What’s something you feel will keep you motivated through the full 50 days:)?

Hmm definitely the fitblr community, knowing college is next year and wanting to be in the best possible shape for it!, and the thought of being strong and able to protect myself. I am so sick of being the weak girl and I want to be the strong independent girl. 

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This Week’s Goal

Starting Monday I am going to try to eat super clean. No excuses. This slacking needs to change. I always feel better when I eat healthy so why not do it? It makes me feel amazing. If I eat clean all week and have only one cheat meal, I will reward myself with buying a new nail polish :) Wooo. Let’s do this!

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I am so excited to work out tomorrow :)

Oh and for my healthy breakfast too! :)

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