I'm a 20 year old girl that has a passion for health, fitness, creating, and living life to its fullest potential. Goal: To become the best person I can be.

50 Days of Change: Days 14 & 15

Day 14: What is one place in the world you must visit before your life is over?

Bolivian Salt Flats :)

Day 15: How do you envision yourself when you think of ‘pure confidence’?

My clothes fit me perfectly and I have an aurora of confidence when I walk into the room. I can talk to anyone and not worry about ‘oh what if they are looking at this or that’ and I feel absolutely no jealousy when I see any girl. I have positive thoughts and focus on myself (not in a selfish way though if that makes sense). The thoughts and opinions of others don’t matter. I bring happiness to the room. 

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50 Days of Change: Days 11, 12, & 13

I really need to catch up on these! Haha my bad :)

Day 11- How have you managed so far with motivating yourself to stick to your healthy diet and exercise?

So far it has been a bit difficult. I have been working late and I still haven’t found a way to fit in going to the gym in my schedule. I will do exercises in my room, but I feel it is not enough. I plan on making a schedule later today. Eating healthy has been really good though!! I gave up sugar for lent so that is definitely helping and I have been eating very healthy :)

Day 12- How do you cope with friends and family judging your new healthy lifestyle?

My friends don’t really mind it. They always say I’m really healthy but in an admirable way. My family doesn’t judge at all! We are all really healthy. I’m really lucky to have a mom, dad, and sister that are into eating healthy too :)

Day 13- What are you looking forward to being the most comfortable in once you are sure of yourself and your body?

Definitely summer clothes!

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50 Days of Change, Day 10: Other than your body changes, what do you hope changes in your mindset thoughout this challenge?

I want to be more positive about everything. I want to feel love for myself and I want to reconstruct my thoughts so they help me instead of bring me down. If I achieve this I will be so happy :)

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50 Days of Change, Day 9: Time to get personal, what’s the one moment you realized you wanted to get healthy, fit, and change your life for the better?

Hmm I guess it was when I realized that I truly was unhappy with myself and I realized I needed to do something about this. I was going through my days just sad and my mindset was terrible. I decided to become a vegetarian and from that point on I ate healthier, started going to the gym daily, and really truly decided to work on myself. I really honestly am not sad every day now and I am so happy that I had this realization and made my change. 

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50 Days of Change, Day 8: What’s one thing you will always love about yourself:)?

I’m always going to love my smile. Not to toot my own horn but my teeth are pretty white and very straight :) It’s one of the only things I truly like about myself. 

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50 Day Challenge, Day 6 & 7: Do you count calories? Why or why not? & What is your ultimate fitness goal?

- I don’t count calories. I did for a tiny bit using an app for my phone, but I decided it was too time consuming and I switched my mindset for eating. As long as it is healthy I am happy putting it in my body and so far I have been happy thinking this way :)

- Probably to be able to do 50 push ups without stopping and to run a marathon! :)

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50 Day Challenge, Day 5: Who’s someone that you look up to in life (in any way)?

I look up to my dad. He works so hard and has become really successful. He is a great person and I really hope to turn out like him. 

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Day 4: What’s a way that you’ll ‘reward’ yourself when you complete the challenge?

Definitely a shopping spree :) 

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50 Day Challenge, Day 3: What’s your favorite exercise that’s extremely hard but extremely rewarding?

Definitely burpees! They are so hard to get through but in the end you feel so good!

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50 Day Challenge Day 2: What’s something you feel will keep you motivated through the full 50 days:)?

Hmm definitely the fitblr community, knowing college is next year and wanting to be in the best possible shape for it!, and the thought of being strong and able to protect myself. I am so sick of being the weak girl and I want to be the strong independent girl. 

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