I'm a 20 year old girl that has a passion for health, fitness, creating, and living life to its fullest potential. Goal: To become the best person I can be.

December Goals!

- Eat less sugary foods! (This is gonna be hard during the holidays, but it is going to happen)

- Drink more water

- Go to the gym as often as I can during the week (the cold or weather is NOT going to be an excuse to not go!)

- Work on my arms! No more noodle arms :) 

- Bring up my English grade. Senioritis has to stop! I have to focus more on the Odyssey.

- Have one day a week to relax, stretch, take a bath, paint my nails, and have a me day. 

- Read a good book. Gotta exercise the mind too ;)

- Be positive!